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To inspire people to Thrive & Give Back. That is the "why" statement that came out of the single most important lunch I have ever had. It was May 2014, at the Boxwood Cafe that once lived in Calgary's Central Memorial Park. I was meeting with one of Calgary's most forward-thinking entrepreneurs. That day, he challenged me to find my "why", and I did.

Now, you would think that one's search for why might be a search for something that you have never found before. Yet, in my case, it turns out I was looking for something I had misplaced.

In university, I had created a mission statement for myself. It was something to the effect of, "To help people succeed financially so that they can give back beyond what they ever thought possible." Yeah, super wordy and not that inspiring right? Yet the sentiment was right.

But in the years between university in the early 2000s and May 2014, I lost my way. I became more focused on the money than I was on the people. It took a kick in the ass from my now very good friend to set my path straight.

Today, my family and my business live by the Thrive & Give Back creed.

Our vision is to change the world. One mortgage at a time. By helping our clients support the charities that matter to them.

Thus, our collaboration with Breaking Free. If it matters to you, it matters to us. At Mortgage360, our heart is what sets us apart.

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