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We are pleased to announce one of our business supporters: Purpose Realty. Purpose Realty is a Canada wide philanthropic real estate business that gives a minimum of 20 percent of their gross commissions back to charity. Below is a brief tidbit, on how the founder Brett Wellman came to launch a business dedicated to helping others, and why counseling is important to him. Brett grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and completed his bachelor of commerce in accounting, followed by his Certified Management Accountant now Chartered Professional Accountant designation. He moved to Calgary and spent nearly seven years with an oil and gas service company in the oil marketing department.

It was during this time that Brett endured the biggest hardship of his life. He had a major spine injury that drastically reduced his quality of life due to unrelenting pain. The end result was an invasive surgery to attempt a sustaining remedy. The whole process lasted about a year, and throughout the pain, Brett began to realize the importance of relationships around him. Having others to help process pain, to provide an ear, or to share a laugh with did more than any amount of morphine.

During recovery, Brett re-examined his values, and what was really important to him. It became clear to him that a lifestyle of addictions would not satisfy, and that to focus on relationships he would need to break free from addictions.

Throughout 2012 many of these addictions were broken, but there was one sneaky addiction that was so subtle it was harder and took longer to break. For Brett, this was a desire for wealth and “more.” This desire left him completely unsatisfied in his well-paying job; so much so that he eventually asked to part ways with his employer.

After quite some time, Brett got his request and for the first time in his life since high school was wondering what next? With some free time at hand, he opted to volunteer in Ukraine teaching English for two months. For Brett, it took a change in his environment to get some perspective on money. Despite making very little; the people Brett got to work with were so content and full of joy, it literally made no sense. Perhaps happiness isn’t found in money?

Brett came back to Canada with a changed heart, and an increased desire to help others through business. Career-wise, since money was no longer the driving factor, Brett pursued a passion which for him was real estate. He loved HGTV, real estate, time with others and of course trading; so he completed his real state license in two months’ time. After a year of loving real estate, the idea to make real estate a career with a giving concept was born.

Fast forward to spring 2018; Brett launched Purpose Realty locally with a plethora of partners and the guidance of many savvy business people and successful real estate agents. Today, Brett leads the Calgary team but also has handpicked experienced, competent and ethical agents across the country to handle nationwide inquiries.

Sometimes people just need an ear to work through their circumstances. By choosing Purpose Realty, you can help raise money for the Breaking Free Foundation and help those in trying circumstances. If you’re in Calgary, you can ask Brett personally about his story.

Long-term Brett hopes to have a sustainable business that will allow him to donate 100% of his after cost commissions to charity.

How it works:

A Minimum of 20% of the Gross Commission on a deal will come to us! Check out Brett's FAQ's [here].

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