Calgarians rally together for sixth annual Victor Walk this weekend


With one in two girls and one in three boys falling victim to unwanted sexual advances before the age of 18, it has become clear that Canadians must rally together to take a stand against childhood rape. Calgarians will be doing just that on July 28, 2019, when they join Breaking Free Foundation for the sixth annual Victor Walk movement. 

The Victor Walk was created by Flames alumni and trauma advocate, Theo Fleury, back in 2013. The aim then is the same as now — to raise awareness about this epidemic and help people move from victim to Victor and have their “me too” moment. 

A national movement powered by an Orange Wave of Courage, the Victor Walk will see Victors and supporters, stand up and speak out, giving a voice to those who have been affected by trauma throughout their lifetimes. Supported by communities across the country on July 27th, the Victor Walk will be recognized as a national movement and is hoped to change the way Canadians understand the effects of childhood trauma. 

In addition to raising awareness, the Victor Walk Movement also raises funds for the Breaking
Free Foundation
(BFF). The mission of BFF is to provide survivors of traumatic life events with the treatment and support needed to reclaim their lives. 

The public welcome to join us on July 28th at Pearce Estates Park:

10 AM: Meet at Pearce Estates Park 

11 AM - 12 PM: Walk to Fort Calgary & back

12 - 1:30 PM: Victor Walk rally  

This also serves as the official launch of BFF’s “5er for a Survivor” campaign. As the organization finds itself overrun with requests for programming, they are asking for a little bit of help this Victor Walk—just five dollars. The 5er for a Survivor campaign is an opportunity to give up your latte for a day, and put that money to work for survivors. 

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