My Victor Walk Story


I am a mother of three, and I am also a wife of four years to an amazing man. On July 18, 2018, Theo Fleury, his wife, Elle and the Breaking Free Foundation team came to our little town and talked openly about everything we were feeling. I made sure to bring my daughters to this event so they could see that we are not alone and there is hope always.

My oldest daughter walked right up to Theo and said "I was sexually abused for four years" and Theo just wrapped her in his arms and held onto her. This impacted my daughter SO much. Theo and his wife walked hand-in-hand with my daughters and talked to them about what they can do to release the anger and emotions they carried. They then gave them both t-shirts to rock and journals to write in. I was given the privilege of speaking with Theo myself and it’s something I’ll cherish forever.

That day, my children were given hope and they knew that no matter what they are never alone in their pain. Elle inspired my youngest daughter to never let her creative side die. To see the life slowly coming back into my daughters is the greatest gift anyone has ever given me and I think that Theo, Elle and the whole Breaking Free Foundation team helped do that. I can never thank each and every one of you enough for speaking out about something everyone hushes. We need to speak out so we can stop it from happening to more babies. Since then, I have been my children’s number one advocate for their trauma brains, their mental health and their right to heal! We still have a long way to go but we are surely getting there. We are Victors and we will never stop fighting for our right to be safe. We would love to see Theo, Elle and all the gang again soon and best of luck with the walk in Calgary coming up!

Thank you all so much, you are all forever in my prayers and thoughts.

Much love..

blogAmber Craig