June BFF Meet-up Recap & Resources


Our conversations during our free monthly meet-ups take us in a variety of directions, and in order to ensure we circle back for reference, we're going to start posting these resource blogs the day following a meet-up. The intent is to provide a roundup of resources or references from the conversation the night before.

  • EMDR is a great therapy tool for PTSD and untapped memories. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which is an integrative psychotherapy approach. This type of therapy uses a patient’s own rapid eye movements, to take emotionally charged memories out of traumatic events. More on how EMDR works.

  • This Brene Brown video on empathy is a great illustration on how to hold space for someone.

  • Some quick strategies for diffusing your anger, as per this Psychology Today article.

  • Dealing with trauma in children can be tough to navigate. Here are some tips on recognizing trauma in children, and also on responding to disclosures. The organization RAINN has some great tips for how and when to start the conversation with your kids about sexual abuse.

  • If you're looking for information on reporting a historic sexual assault, Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse has a program, PACES, that helps navigate this.A Sexual Assault Worker who is trained in sexual assault trauma and is experienced in the justice system can help address your concerns and assist with a variety of issues including:

    • Answering questions about your options in reporting the assault.

    • Going with you to the police and crown prosecutor.

    • Answering questions about police and court processes – what to expect.

    • Discussing your concerns about going to court.

    • Going with you to court and offering support.

    • Assistance writing a Victim Impact Statement.

    • Assistance filling out Victim Compensation forms.

    • Providing post court follow up.

    • Making appropriate referrals.