I missed RAK Day. I felt guilty. I wrote.


Yesterday was Random Acts of Kindness Day and somehow I missed it. I was offline for most of the day but it still seemed weird that I was completely unaware. I'd love to think I am practicing kindness every day, but we all know some days are better than others, right? I immediately felt guilty and then caught myself. Should I really be feeling this way for missing an assigned day - a fairly recent addition to the list of growing 'days' on our calendars? Actually, no. How often do we do that to ourselves, sometimes over the simplest of things?

Sometimes extending a random act of kindness toward ourselves is the best gift we can offer, not just for us but for those closest to us. If we're mad at ourselves it can often come across that we're not happy with the rest of the world either. Can you relate?

It may sound a little overboard, but I found myself asking a few questions:

  1. Did I do something wrong? No

  2. Should I feel guilty? No

  3. Where is this coming from? The guilt gremlin that sits on my shoulder for no good reason, hoping I'll succumb.

  4. What do I do with this then? Personally, I reacted with a bit of humour. I posted online that I guess I'll have to make up for it with random acts of kindness every day. The reality is that if I live a kind life, then when RAK Day arrives I can reflect on all the days that I've done kind things for others and for myself.

Maybe on RAK Day (or the day after), I can be kind to me too.

What say you? What kindness can you extend to yourself today - and every day?