Finding Beauty Beyond the Awful


When I took this photo one morning last week, I crouched and kneeled and contorted so many different ways -- I wanted to block out the neighbour's dead pine tree with my little wooden Christmas tree. To capture the holiday lights juxtaposing the sunrise. I found angles where I could block the tree, but they dropped me too low and I lost the glory of the morning colours. I had to choose: keep the ugly pine tree, and with it the breathtaking 'rise; erase the pine tree by blocking it with my own pretty wooden replica, but lose the sun.

Sometimes there are just Awfuls invading our line of sight. We're straining for, longing for perfect light and beauty. Sometimes there's nothing for it but to accept that they are present and look at the beauty right in front of us, and the more glorious beauty beyond the Awful. May that be doable for you today.

~ as shared by Sandra McDonald